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  1.  - When it comes to wine, France stands alone. No other country can beat it in terms of quality and diversity. And while many of its Region, Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne most obviously, produce wine as rare, as sought-after and nearly as expensive as gold, there are just as many obscurities and values to be had from little known appellations throughout the country. To learn everything there is to know about French wine would take a lifetime. To understand and appreciate French wine, one only has to begin tasting them.


 - The French region of Champagne (comprised of the towns of Rheims, Epernay, and Ay) was the first region in the world to make sparkling wine in any quantity. Today, the name of the region is synonymous with the finest of all sparkling wines, and winemaking traditions of Champagne have become role models for sparkling wine producers, worldwide. Surprisingly, the region of Champagne is now responsible for only one bottle in 12 of all sparkling wine produced. Styles of champagne range from the basic brut (often blends of several vintages), single vintage champagnes, and rose.

Grande Cuvée" 169ème Édition

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  • Krug Grande Cuvée 169ème Édition is a luxurious blend of over 120 wines from ten or more different vintages. It is a unique, complex and vibrant champagne that offers a wide range of aromas and flavours. Its creamy mousse and persistent bubbles make it a truly indulgent experience. This prestigious champagne is ideal for special occasions and comes with a signature Krug gift box for added sophistication. Enjoy free shipping on this exquisite champagne.

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