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KRUG GRANDE CUVÉE 170ÈME ÉDITION is a prestigious champagne produced by the renowned Champagne House, Krug. It is a blend of around 120 wines, some of which are up to 15 years old, making it a truly exceptional and complex champagne. The 170th edition signifies the continuous commitment of Krug towards excellence and their dedication to producing exceptional cuvées."

On the other hand, "80 Roses "refers to a bouquet of 80 Roses. This is a generous floral arrangement consisting of 80 individual roses, typically given as a special gift. The number 80 signifies abundance and is often chosen for significant occasions like anniversaries or birthdays.

Both Krug Grande Cuvée 170ème Édition and 80 Roses are luxurious products that demonstrate thoughtfulness and appreciation for exceptional quality.

Celebrity 80

Please choose the color of the Roses

    HEIGHT: 130mm(5.11 Inches)

    WIDTH: 510mm(20.07 Inches)

    Contains 80 ROSES

    Placing the bottle in the floral ornament can give it a decorative and elegant look, blending in with the floral arrangement. On the other hand, placing the bottle separately can showcase it as a standalone piece and make it more prominent. Ultimately, the decision depends on the overall aesthetic you are going for and the look you want to achieve.

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    For hospitals, it is important to check with the hospital before sending a gift as some may not accept deliveries of fresh flowers. If the hospital does accept flower deliveries, the courier driver will usually deliver to the reception.

    For hotels, it is also recommended to check with the hotel before sending a gift. Larger hotels may not accept customer deliveries due to the longer time it would take to locate the recipient. In this case, the courier driver will deliver to the hotel reception and it becomes the responsibility of the person who accepts the order to ensure it is delivered to the correct room.

    When delivering to other business addresses, it is important to consider the opening times of the office or establishment. Although most deliveries are made before 9pm, the parcel may be turned away if the office is closed upon arrival

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