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The vibrant colors and delicate fragrance of the 80 roses would create a visually stunning display and fill the air with a romantic ambiance. You could arrange the roses in a beautiful vase or scatter them across a table for an elegant touch.

As you enjoy the beauty of the roses, you can also indulge in the luxurious taste of the Dom Perignon 2012 vintage Champagne. This champagne is known for its exquisite flavor profile, with notes of citrus, stone fruit, and brioche. The bubbles dance in the glass, creating a lively and celebratory experience.

Whether you are celebrating a milestone or simply want to create a special moment with your loved one, this luxurious combination of roses and the vintage champagne would be a perfect choice. Sipping the Dom Perignon together, you can savor the taste and toast to your love or the occasion at hand.

The combination of the romantic roses and the indulgent Champagne creates an atmosphere of luxury and romance. It's a chance to slow down, enjoy each other's company, and appreciate the beauty and richness of life. So light some candles, put on some soft music, and let the beauty of the roses and the deliciousness of the drink transport you to a luxurious and romantic setting.

Seduce 80

Please choose the color of the Roses

    HEIGHT: 130mm(5.11 Inches)

    WIDTH: 510mm(20.07 Inches)

    Contains 80 ROSES

    Placing the bottle in the floral ornament can give it a decorative and elegant look, blending in with the floral arrangement. On the other hand, placing the bottle separately can showcase it as a standalone piece and make it more prominent. Ultimately, the decision depends on the overall aesthetic you are going for and the look you want to achieve.

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